Doug James’ Private Doll Collection

Item# 112. Daisy in “Picadilly”. Quality Control doll. Signed box. $59.00 SOLD

Doug’s Comment: A Quality Control doll is the doll used at the factory against which all others are measured so she’s particularly nice. Her hair amazing. All the Willow and Daisy outfits range from the creative and fanciful to what some may refer to as “whacky” in a fun way. They were a delight to work on.

Item# 113. Willow and Daisy White Mannequin in green and pink bathing suit. Signed. $24.00

Doug’s Comment: This is a Willow and Daisy mannequin in it's original box with it's extra bent arm and wearing the pink and green Willow Bathing Suit with it's pink belt, cap and pink ankle shoes. We only have one.

Item# 114. CED Claire in “Provence”. A #1. Signed. $225.00 SOLD

Doug’s Comment: This was the very first Claire and I don't think we ever topped her. Her wig is hand made, her dress 100% silk chiffon, even her leather mules have the most amazing tiny leather flowers sewn with French knots. Then her accessories go on and on and are pretty fabulous. Her certificate is marked #1.

Description: Claire is wearing a floral silk chiffon day dress with leather mules, necklace, ring , earrings, and ankle bracelet. She comes with a picnic basket, blanket, brie cheese, bread, and a box of petifors. And her glass wine bottle.

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Item #27. Cara in Baby Doll. (CED Fashion Doll) SOLD

Doug Comments: We did Baby Doll Cara as a very limited doll. Very limited dolls are always difficult because you’re putting in all the same effort of designing, making samples, finding fabrics and trims, etc., but selling very few of them. The advantage is that you can often use special fabrics and trims. In that way they can become very special. The leopard bodice and the black silk taffeta skirt of Baby Doll were both vintage fabrics of amazing quality. I would not have been able to use them anywhere else.

Outfit Description: Green eyed Cara has shoulder length honey brown hair with highlights. Her Baby Doll styled dress is black silk taffeta with a leopard print velveteen bodice. The bodice is lined with pink silk and has vintage pink sequins and beads decorating it. The dress is fully lined, closes with a tiny zipper and has a pink tulle petticoat. She has a matching black silk stole lined with pink satin and black platform shoes that lace up to her knee. She has a gold tiered necklace with gold coins and pink beads that tie with a deep pink organdy ribbon with a matching bracelet and earrings. Her black leatherette bag is lined, closes with a zipper and is decorated with hand done pink organdy rosettes and a gold chain handle woven with pink.